Thermal insulation


Enjoy the quality of life
Thermal insulation systems not only protect against heat loss, but also fulfill the protective function of external walls. The insulating layer protects the structural material against direct environmental influences and thus extends the lifetime of buildings. Thermal insulation systems also directly affect the aesthetics of the environment. Thanks to the unlimited number of available and freely combined colors and structures, it is possible to freely shape the appearance of the façade.

The most important advantages of thermal insulation systems;

Insulation saves heating energy and indirectly the money the older the house, the higher the potential for savings.
Insulation protects the environment – both by reducing CO2 emissions and by protecting natural resources.
Insulation protects a valuable building substance.
Insulation increases comfort – warmed walls ensure a higher quality of staying in rooms both in winter and in summer.
Insulation generates a hygienic indoor climate-warm walls reduce air humidity and risk of fungus.